Artist's Statement

My photography, painting and poetry serve as fragmented chronicles of an abstract journey, like tales from the road to unknown places, or mementos brought back from dreams, or other strange experiences.

With my work, I feel successful if it manages to instil a feeling of ambiguity, or a hint of unease in the viewer.. a sort of disquieting tension. That sense of touching something slightly dark, outside of safe, established boundaries, is the thing that stops our certainty about the world. Just for a moment we are nudged into the unknown, and are then free to feel the world just as it is: an infinite mystery.

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View my photo series and individual photos. All images are available as archival pigment prints on fine art paper, in various sizes.

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Oil paintings

My humble beginnings in this medium. There are only a few to show.

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Strange words may awaken strange feelings and insights, but don't be afraid of the unfamiliar. Take a chance and read some poetry.

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A collection of thoughts and recollection, mostly. The stories range from stream-of-consciousness writing to memories of my first LSD experience. I'll keep adding to this section if the urge to write becomes unavoidable.

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“... the terror that you were going to live or die without understanding anything important about yourself.”


I am a bell
My life is the sound
Of madmen flailing at
My resonant form

I am a book
Of rants and doodles
And ghostly scrawls from
Wan ephemeral friends

I am a wine
Of a curious palate
One sip unleashes the Muses and
Terpsichorean dreams

I am a crow
Perched on paper ruins
Watching hierophants cast bones
But no shadows

I am a fog
Bloated with salt and ashes
I hide the moon goddess from
Luminous wolves


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I'm building a new home for my art, and not all things are working yet.
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