“... the terror that you were going to live or die without understanding anything important about yourself.”  - CHUCK PALAHNIUK

There is a strong link between art and metaphysics.  The creation of art is essentially an inquiry into the fundamental nature of our reality.  The outcome, in whatever form, is an interface between our conscious mind and the hidden levels of our psyche.  Exploring beyond our social conditioning or religious ideology, we find a profoundly mystical domain.

My objective is to connect to this great unknown, and convey the experience in my photography, oil paintings and poetry.

In my work, we are all inhabitants of dreamscapes and strange dimensions, filled with unsettling imagery, mythology and primal symbolism. My themes stress the imperative for self-understanding, pointing to mindfulness, humour, compassion and a keen awareness of the awe-inspiring mystery of the universe.

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I am a bell

I am a bell
My life is the sound
Of madmen flailing at
My resonant form

I am a book
Of rants and doodles
And ghostly scrawls from
Wan ephemeral friends

I am a wine
Of a curious palate
One sip unleashes the Muses and
Terpsichorean dreams

I am a crow
Perched on paper ruins
Watching hierophants cast bones
But no shadows

I am a fog
Bloated with salt and ashes
I hide the moon goddess from
Luminous wolves