“... the terror that you were going to live or die without understanding anything important about yourself.”

Welcome to my site!  I am an artist currently residing in Sydney, Australia.

Since 2012,  through fine art photography, poetry and now oil painting, I have been exploring the link between art and the enigmatic nature of self-awareness.  I see the creation of art as an extension of metaphysics... it is the interface between our conscious mind and the hidden levels of our psyche.

What lies beyond religious ideology and social conditioning? I sense that it is a profoundly mystical domain. My art is a reflection of my pursuit to connect to this great unknown.  My themes reflect my search for identity, purpose and meaning, my imperative for self-understanding.


Series and collections of photography and multi-layered photo-imaging. Works are available as archival prints on fine art paper.


My humble beginnings in this medium.


Be brave: dive in and read some poetry.


My full Artist's Statement


My blog : there's some stream-of-consciousness writing, and memories of my first LSD experience.

I am a bell

I am a bell
My life is the sound
Of madmen flailing at
My resonant form

I am a book
Of rants and doodles
And ghostly scrawls from
Wan ephemeral friends

I am a wine
Of a curious palate
One sip unleashes the Muses and
Terpsichorean dreams

I am a crow
Perched on paper ruins
Watching hierophants cast bones
But no shadows

I am a fog
Bloated with salt and ashes
I hide the moon goddess from
Luminous wolves




The Human Condition

What do we do when we wake to the clichés
Of earning and eating and fucking and sleeping
And the impasse we reach is Hamlet’s dilemma:
Plod on, or retire? Is awareness worth keeping?

Some sit through the seasons of the flickering idol -
Rhythmic patter of buttons on remotes smeared in grime.
Grazing on insipid loops of dyed media mucous;
Pacified, they swallow and regurgitate the slime.

Some dive into arms of the cretinously faithful.
The long sleeves of religion give a soothing caress,
Gently throttling the mind, squeezing slow till they’re numb
And removing the questions, or rogue thoughts to express.

And what’s left after chanting and sitting for hours,
Sniffing roomfuls of incense, eyes in mystic expressions?
Hold out for the light? Or start wearing Armani,
To scale heights of prestige and amass vaults of possessions?

Our final escape is the Human Condition.
Self-obsession devours our awareness; all we see
Are reflections of self. Sleepwalking through life,
We hum quietly along with the dull drone of "meeee…"

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