Oil Paintings

I feel both humbled and inspired by the great works of accomplished artists:  Vermeer, Monet, Kandinsky, Rothko, Bacon...  master painters across the ages managed to create images that have profoundly touched the human spirit. Their vision often transcends time, culture and language, and inspires deep emotion and thoughtful discourse.

Their work serves as a beacon of hope and possibility for me. Since I've had no formal studies in painting yet, each of my attempts is an experiment and process of learning. They are not for sale at this time.


Basia Blue Eyes - oil on canvas - 30 x 40 cm
Blooms in a bottle - oil on canvas - 35 x 45 cm
Infernal Dialogue - oil on canvas - 121 x 91 cm
Once seen, something cannot be unseen - oil on canvas - 76 x 101cm
The bubble of self-indulgence - oil on canvas - 76 x 101cm
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