Edge of the known

Horizon haze

A wall of fog stretched across the plains. Eerie light spilled out at odd angles, outlining strange shapes on the ghostly horizon. I noticed I was completely alone… it seemed as if everyone around me had secretly disappeared. What was this place? A threshold of some kind, a doorway to some undiscovered dimension? What would happen if I left the familiar world behind and crossed into the unknown? I thought about it briefly, then made my choice - and drove steadily towards the diffused glow.

The fog seemed so close at first, but no matter how fast I drove, I could never reach it. Whichever direction I chose, it seemed to recede. I felt powerless and insignificant, like a plaything of higher forces, forever stuck on the edge of the known. Both sound and time became hazy, like the fog. Eventually at some moment I looked back, and saw it creeping up behind me.  My car tracks were slowly being devoured by the hungry, pale mist. I got out of the car and began to walk backwards, towards the light...

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