The Healer

I am savage and ravenous today. My
words jerk
their glottal leash; black spit
splatters on the passive page. Thrust out
your soft, pink
underbelly of sensibilities and
I will gnaw out all your spiteful cancers,
for I am the ruthless healer.

I will devour the infestation of fear that
wormed itself into your soul
and decomposed your fragile bond
with spirit. I will shred
the sinews of your spurious truths - those
ingrown festering cords that fetter
your crusty eyelids shut -
until they snap.

I will suck up all the putrid pus that
you swallowed until your belly swelled.
It's fetid guilt - that daily discharge
of your vacant desires. Spit out
your venomous lusts and cravings;
they rot your gums
and teeth and tongue, but
I will chew them up with relish.

And I crave to get at your rotten core -
that gruesome wad
of self righteousness and ego, whose
foul stench makes you
a gibbering idiot.
It is killing you as we speak.
I will feast on it and leave you clean,
for I am the ruthless healer.