The consequence of snow

The Consequence of Snow-intro1

This series explores the beauty and power of New Zealand’s glacial terrain; how a soft, flaky white substance transforms itself into the strongest abrasive force in nature. Over millennia it has relentlessly carved into the landscape, embodying the forces of destruction and creation at the same time. From the craggy peaks lining the vast U-shaped valleys to the silent mist-filled fjords, the result is awe-inspiring.

The glacier is infused with power. Shards of black rock pierce the pale, frozen landscape. Vast fractures in the ice and snow appear, almost cracking the fabric of space and time. All around, strange and haunting shapes emerge like armies of hungry apparitions. They creak and crack, calling out,"Stay here, join us!"  It is very tempting.



- Please note: shipping/delivery is currently limited to Australia. -

Images in this series are available as Limited Edition archival prints on fine art photo paper. Each one is signed and numbered on the front, just below the print.

Prints come in 2 different sizes:

  • Medium (edition of 15) - image size: 625mm x 415mm
  • Large (edition of 8) - image size: 1200mm x 800mm

The Image sizes are of the printed area; the actual paper size is about 20-25% larger, and includes a white border.

For availability and price, please contact me here.

This series was shown at my June 2014 exhibition called "Looking Out | Looking In" at Black Eye Gallery in Sydney. This was a prominent gallery of fine art photography located in the suburb of Darlinghurst. It has subsequently moved to an online-only presence.