Morning, noon and night

I looked for you
Inside an ageing book …
Primal covers chew loose some feeble yet defiant dog-eared pages.
Highlights and weird stains.
I found it on the dresser
And there was a bookmark, but
This morning I finally shelved it back into its waiting,
Empty space.
I looked for you
Among the spring strawberries…
Aisles preen with luscious wares and coolly hum a moist seduction.
A Suit grabs a sandwich.
I caught a wild reflection
In the pickled herring jar, but
It was just some vibrant, passing shopgirl
Leaving footprints.
I looked for you
In the black and white garden…
Tall trees shiver and hide young shadows from the searing moonlight.
The neighbour’s cat eats a lizard.
I noticed the ashtray was full
And a plastic chair pulled out, but
Dust was on the arms and seat and the hours
Remained silent.