Why do you bind me

Why do you bind me
With your constant, constant
Babble of inanities
Bubblegum strings of goo
Sticky, sticky
LOUD and sticky
I can’t hear my song
THE song
I’ve stopped dancing
Dropped the straws of books
And friendships
I sit and click all day
It’s the only part of me that moves
My mouse hand
At my mirror, my glaring reflection
Of that constant, constant
It’s the same outside as inside
At that mirror
BREAK you wretched cocoon
Of sticky LOUD over and over
I have to get clean!
To soak the whole
To toe, until the shrill
Dissolves into powder
Ochre red like old blood and
Sinks, messy swirls on white enamel
Why red of course red
It had to be
Old blood, old blood
Little flaky piles
Drip… I hear a drip!
Crawl out
Stretch and
BREATHE Jesus I’ve not been breathing too
Breathe, slow whisper breaths
The space… I’m little in it
Shrunk to two notes
In bleat
Out bleat
Soft sigh